Our Mission

Serving payroll professionals by supporting well-informed, competent and synergized payroll community.


Chapter officers

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide continuing education at an affordable rate, a convenient location and provide opportunities for networking and even guest speaking.  We provide opportunities for members to connect, learn and enjoy their time with like-minded individuals.  

How we started!


The Bay to Gulf Chapter of the APA was established in 2013 and first began meeting in April of 2014.  The focus of the chapter is to provide payroll professionals alike, with the ability to continually learn, earn RCH credits, network and help our community.  We meet the third Wednesday of every month on the Ceridian campus. 


Robin Davis, CPP

Robin is the Secretary of the Bay to Gulf Chapter.  She is the Associate Controller for USF.

Lori Krucki, CPP

Lori is the Treasurer of the Bay to Gulf Chapter.  She is a Payroll Manager at Corban OneSource and also teaches FPC/CPP classes at SPC.  

About Us

Chapter Membership


At the beginning of each year, chapter attendees will need to renew.  Once you have renewed your membership, you will get a membership card!   

Our chapter prides itself on keeping continuing education costs low.  The membership costs are $20 if you are a national APA member, and $27.50 if you are not. Every chapter meeting the cost is $10 per session if you are a chapter member and $15 if you are not.  We request that if you attend the chapter meetings as a guest more than three times, you become a paying member.  The cost of the meeting is for your RCH credit; it just so happens to include a light dinner, desserts, and a drink. 

Additional membership benefits include the Annual Fall Summit!  This event is held in the fall and is free for chapter members.  The benefit includes RCH credits! Non chapter members pay $30 for the event!   



Jackie Harvey, CPP

Jackie is the President of the Bay to Gulf Chapter.  She is a Sr. Manager of Payroll Delivery at Ceridian and loves Project Management, Fitness and her family. 

Upcoming events

Coming This Fall!

September 20,2017 Chapter Meeting

Our guest speaker for our September chapter meeting is James Samson, CPP, Manager of the Managed Services Tax team.  He will be speaking to us about understanding local taxes.  Local taxes can be complex and mysterious, and he will focus on peeling the onion of local taxes.

October 20, 2017

October 20th we will have our annual Summit!  This year, we will be covering the Pitfalls of Payroll... What comes to your mind when you think of that?  Could it be change management, planning for the year ahead, legislation changes?  The event will be FREE to members!  Come join us to understand more about those Pitfalls and how you can overcome them! 

Bay To Gulf Chapter of APA